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We will divide the books into two categories

1.     Reference Book : It includes text books which you need to go first.

2.     Practice Book : It contains numerical/MCQs and other questions related to mining.

Text Book -

1.         Introductory Mining Engineering by H. L. Hartman

2.       Mine environment & Ventilation by G.B. Misra

3.       Mine Ventilation by S. Ghatak

4.       Principles and practices of modern coal mining by R. D. Singh

5.       Rock Mechanics for engineers by Dr. B.P. Verma

6.       Rock Mechanics by Brady Brown

7.       The elements of Mechanics of mining ground by Dr. B.S. Verma

8.       Mine pump, haulage & Winding by S. Ghatak

9.       Mine surveying & Levelling by S. Ghatak

10.     Elements of Mining technology Vol- I , II, & III by D. J. Desmukh

11.       Surface mining technology by Samir Kumar Dad

12.     Latest development of heavy earth moving machinery by Dr. Amitosh Dey

13.     Explosives and Blasting Practices in Mines by Samir Kumar Das

14.   Mine Ventilation by McPherson

15.    Engineering & General Geology by Prabin Singh

16.    Mine Winding & Transport by S C Walker

 Practice Book -

1.     A complete guide for Mining engineers by Dr. A.K. Gorai- Every GATE Mining aspirant must go through this book and practice all the questions given in it.

2.     GATE Solution in Mining Engineering by Rupesh Kumar Sahu – To get the idea of Questions Pattern/Standard Of que asked in GATE Mining Exam you need to solve previous years GATE Papers. There are instances when similar type of que have been asked from previous years paper in exam.

3.     GATE Mining Engineering by B.N.Bhagat & Sachin Lal

4.     Numerical Problem on Mine Ventilation by L.C. Kaku

5.     Numerical Problem on Rock Mechanics by Satya Prakash Sahu

6.     Engineering Math by Made Easy

7.     Reasoning & Aptitude by Made Easy

8.     General English by Made Easy

9.     Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal

Just keep in mind. More you practice questions more your concepts get clear which leads to more chances of securing a good rank

If you think we are missing any book that is important for GATE Mining Preparation then kindly comment in the comment box

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