Q.1 Calculate the length of the line AB having co-ordinates (2, 4), (6, 7).

Ans A. 25

B. 3

C. 5

D. 20



Q.2 50dB + 50dB =______.

Ans A. 53 dB

B. 100 dB

C. 0 dB

D. 50 dB


Q.3 A 5 km long duct of 500mm diameter is closed at both ends and pressurized by

compressed-air to a gauge pressure of 500 Pa. The pressure fell to 250 Pa after 20

seconds. Calculate the rate of leakage while barometric pressure is 101 kPa.

Ans A. 0.0001 m3 s-1

B. 0.00025 m3 s-1

C. 0.00015 m3 s-1

D. 0.0002 m3 s-1

 Q.4 As per Indian Electricity Rules, where hand-held portable apparatus is used, the

voltage should not exceed:

Ans A. 250 V

B. 75 V

C. 30 V

D. 125 V


 Q.5 Calculate the natural ventilating pressure in a mine if, Depth of the mine is 400m, Pitbottom

barometer reading is 101 kPa, Pit-top barometer reading is 99.5 kPa, Average

temperature in DC shaft is 305 K and Average temperature in UC shaft is 308 K.

Ans A. 23.7 Pa

B. 55 Pa

C. 43.7 Pa

D. 13.7 Pa



Q.6 In a coal mine the depth of working is 200 m from the surface, width of galleries 3 m,

height of galleries 3 m and distance of square pillars between centers of bord is 22.5

m. What is strength of the pillar?

Ans A. 128.53 kg/cm2

B. 138.97 kg/cm2

C. 142.05 kg/cm2

D. 139.97 kg/cm2



Q.7 Identify the correct sequence for the rock mass:

Ans A. Shear Strength< Tensile Strength< Uniaxial Compressive Strength

B. Tensile Strength < Shear Strength < Uniaxial Compressive Strength

C. Tensile Strength < Uniaxial Compressive Strength < Shear Strength

D. Uniaxial Compressive Strength < Shear Strength< Tensile Strength



Q.8 During Brazilian test, a rock specimen of diameter 5 cm, and height 5 cm, failed at a

compression load of 19.6 kN. The indirect tensile strength of the specimen is:

Ans A. 5 MPa

B. 2.5 MPa

C. 25 kPa

D. 0.5 kPa



Q.9 A standard pitot- static tube placed at the center of 500mm diameter circular duct

records a velocity pressure of 300 Pa. Calculate the quantity of air flowing in the duct

if the air temperature 301 K and density of air 1.2 kg m-3. Assume the air to be dry and

the method factor is 0.8

Ans A. 3 m3/s

B. 4.5 m3/s

C. 4 m3/s

D. 3.5 m3/s


 Q.10 What is the dB of a threshold of hearing?

Ans A. 50 dB

B. 100 dB

C. 0 dB

D. 10 dB



Q.11 The main purpose of bulk sampling of the coal is ___________.

Ans A. To study the volatile contain

B. To study the carbon content

C. To study the wash ability

D. To study the method of formation

 Q.12 Which of the following apparatus, equipment is not recommended to keep at rescue


Ans A. Smoke helmets

B. Breathing apparatus

C. Multi gas Detector

D. Reviving apparatus


Q.13 The temperature in the upcast shaft & downcast shaft are 40° C & 30° C respectively.

Shaft is 350 m deep. Find the height of motive column?

Ans A. 15

B. 11

C. 13

D. 9



Q.14 Which model applies deductive reasoning of mathematical theory to solve a model?

Ans A. Static Model

B. Analytical Model

C. Dynamic Model

D. Numerical Model



Q.15 Which of the following is used as oxidizing agent in an explosive?

Ans A. Magnesium Carbonate

B. Charcoal

C. Ammonium Nitrate

D. Aluminum



Q.16 Rotation of impeller inside the pump forces water to enter in the suction pipe. It is

effected due to:

Ans A. Revolution

B. Reduction

C. None of the given options

D. Suction

Q.93 A light house is visible just above the horizon at a certain station at the sea level. The

distance between the station and light house is 10 km. Find the height of the light


Ans A. 6.728 m

B. 6.192 m

C. 6.90 m

D. 6.123 m



Q.94 As per mining regulations, for every shaft exceeding 100m depth and during hoisting

of men the speed should not exceed:

Ans A. 1.5 m/s

B. 5 m/s

C. 0.5 m/s

D. 1 m/s



Q.95 Which of the following component is more dangerous to ozone layer?

Ans A. Halons

B. Sulphur


D. Nitrogen



Q.96 In an underground coal mine, a freshly exposed roof can be supported by a temporary

support in the form of:

Ans A. Hydraulic props

B. Safari supports

C. Screw props

D. Triangular chocks



Q.97 An offset is laid out 6° from its true direction on the field. Find the resulting

displacement of the plotted point on the paper in a direction parallel to the chain line?

(Note: Given the length of offset is 10 m and scale is 5 m to 1 cm)

Ans A. 0.209 cm

B. 0.290 cm

C. 0.0290 cm

D. 0.610 cm



Q.98 The Bucket Wheel excavator machinery performs its operations with the following


Ans A. Key Cut

B. Reaming

C. Pulsating Impact

D. Terracing

Q.99 The following is NOT a continuous mining technology for surface mines:

Ans A. Shovel - Dumper

B. Bucket Wheel Excavator

C. Conveyor Bridge

D. Bucket Chain Excavator



Q.100 In a Bord & Pillar mining, the width of the pillar and galleries are 19.5 m and 3 m respectively. The percentage of extraction during development is:

Ans A. 24.8

B. 29.3

C. 25.2

D. 30.5


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