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Paytm/GPay/PhonePe Test Series Offers

  1. For First Time buyer of any test series 10% discount.
  2. For Second Time buyer of any test series 20% discount.
  3. For Third Time and above 30% discount.

    You need to Paytm/GPay/PhonePe the discounted test series fee directly to our Paytm/GPay/PhonePe No- 8804777500
    After payment whatsapp us on 8804777500 - your name, email id, test series for which you have made payment and screenshot of payment. Test series will be activated within 45 minutes from our end.

Refer and Earn Cash Back

To get the benefit of this scheme. You need to follow up these procedures

  1. You need to buy any of our available test series.
  2. Once you buy a referral code will be generated and will be sent to your registered email id and mobile.
  3. Share that code with your friends and if they buy any of our test series within 15 days of code generation then you will get 10% cash back and your friend who used that code will also get cash back.

    For example: When you buy a test series from our website then a refer code will be sent to your mobile and email box. You share that code with say five friends out of which three of them buy any of our available test series using that code then you will get 30% cashback i.e 10% per person buying the test series and your each friend will get 10% cashback.

FAQ for Refer and Earn ?

How to avail cash back offer using my friend's referral code?

You need to buy any of our available test series by using your friend's referral code.

How much cash back will I get?

Once your referred friend buys any of our available test series with the your referred code then you will get 10% per person making purchase.

What is the maximum cash back can I get?

You can get up to 50% cash back i.e. a code which has been used five time for making purchase on our website will be expired.

Where can I see my accumulated cash back points ?

You can see your cash back points in your user panel.

What is the validity of referral code?

A referral code is valid for 15 days. It will expire after 15 days.

While applying Referral code , I get message "Invalid code" What should I do?

There may be two reasons for this.

1. A referral code has validity of 15 days so you may be using it after it's expiry date i.e. after 15 days

2. Code can be used only by 5 user i.e. before you 5 users have already used that to make purchase on our website.

How will my friend, whose referral code I used for making purchase, earn cash back?

Once you make purchase using your friend's referral code, he immediately gets cash back.

What if I cancel my purchase? Will my friend still get cash back?

No. If you cancel your purchase, your friend will not get cash back

Where cash back money will be credited?

Cash back money will be credited to your account through which you had made payment for making purchase. i.e if you use bank account then it will be credited into your bank account or if you use any wallet then it will be credited into your wallet.

When cash back will be credited into my account?

Your accumulated cash back will be credited into your account after the expiry of code i.e. after 15 days.

What if I want my cash back money before 15 days?

You can request us by sending email to credit your cash back into your account.

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