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How can I know the total interest earned on all fixed deposit

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The only way to find your entire deposit within a single roof is via India's income tax website. Have you ever met the "E-tax India E-Filling" website? All information about your income tax is available here.But if you have never paid income taxes or your constant deposit tax reduction or ID file, you can not get your FD information in one place. You need to calculate it manually.

Once you have visited the "E-tax India e-fill" website, you will find many options on the left. One of the options is 'Visual Form 26AS (Tax Credit)'. You can sign in with your username and password to click on it and get the details. Apply new pan card details are set as username here.

Your bank accounts / FDs If your BN with accounts has been linked, you can simply look at the interest rate you receive from your net bank on your 26AS and through the net bank available in all the banks.

The interest earned will be shown to you during the financial year that you selected, and the interest rate will fall, and you will see the breakdown of the FD interest-winning banks.Your bank typically deducts your fixed deposits, and your interest returns the amount of Rs. 10,000 / - in the financial year, and returns the income tax. The bank will provide you with the details of the entire interest and DTS department on your request. See 26 AS by using your PAN Card on Income Tax Reference.

Form 26AS is the best way to check your interest income from all fixed deposits. Check your form 26AS, which should provide all interest details on the fixed deposit that is being deducted by TDS.

asked Nov 15, 2018 by Arun (0 points)

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