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I need to know the different types of GST'S? [closed]

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I have got more details and some of real works from my  post here. I am searching the types of GST's are available in India. I want more information about the CGST and SGST. Please give the details with examples here. I need the best credit rates and products gst rate calculations. I am using the sum of transactions with my business with GST. I have done my GST registration by the way of In this website is given the assistances and goods and service related information’s are available in online. I need the list of taxable goods and movement here. I am searching more input details and importing types of matters from online. I am submitting the claims and paying the tax related idea here. Clear data and payment transactions are available here. I need the filing the return and how to make the registration process by the way of mobile.
I am getting the great supports from experts for selling and filing the returns in GST portal address. Government rules and policies are given in my  post. I like my  post It is getting some rate of interstate transactions and response from this. i am dealing the claims and clearing relevant funds here. GST software is helps for collecting the day to day matters and new products GST news in their message box. It is really useful and easy to use it. I have suggested more my friends about that. I need to help for install the application in my mobile. I am collecting these matters from my friend. I need to change my business matters and location also. I have search more data from online.  I get some features about the bills details. How to get my login details from my GST certificate.  Is it get any matters my login? I need to check my details please help me

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asked Jan 11 by Lacnhaer Deavaers (0 points)
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