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We are experienced team of educationist and technologist who are passionately dedicated to bring a single platform of information/knowledge to a mining enthusiast to transform him to a tomorrow's leader. We provide detailed analysis to test your performance.

Subject wise Analysis

In each mining test series, We have divided the syllabus topic-wise so that you can analyse your weak point for particular topic. Also we have given full syllabus mock test where you can check your true potential.

Detailed Solutions

After submission of test, You will get detailed solution with explanation of each questions. Questions have been explained very well,with steps and formulas. Even if you face any doubt in our explanation you can mail or Whatsapp your query.

Time Management

One of the best use of test series is that it teaches you time management. By practicing more and more user will be acquainted with the test pattern and hence will be able to manage the time in real exam.

ALL India Rank

After submission of test candidate can check their all India rank and compare their score with others giving our test series. It will help in knowing their current position before the actual exam and will motivate them to work harder than before.

Mining Blogs

21 Mar, 2023


SECL MINE SURVEYOR EXAM-2016 EXAM PAPER 1. What is the length of a gunters chain? a)     66ft b)    100 ft c)     150 ft d)    None of the...

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21 Mar, 2023


SECL MINE SURVEYOR EXAM-2020 PAPER1. Which of the following is not used for chain surveying?     Ranging pole     Arrows     Chain     Level instrument 2. Which of...

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21 Mar, 2023


SECL MINING SIRDAR EXAM-2017 PAPER1. FLP stands for a)    Fire light and pressures b)    Fire and lower pressure c)    Flame proof d)    Flame light and pressure 2...

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21 Mar, 2023

SECL Mining Sirdar EXAM-2020 PAPER

SECL Mining Sirdar EXAM-2020 PAPER1. The duty of Workmen Inspector to inspect the coal mine.a)    Once in a week b)    Twice in a week c)    Twice in a month d)   ...

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  • Online Test series for various Mining Exams like DGMS COAL/ Metal First Class/ Second Class, Coal India Management Trainee Exam, GATE Mining Exams and other PSUs and Mining exams.
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MinePortal test series are designed and framed by the mining professors, First Class Manager Certificate holders, retired mining engineers, so you can be assured about the quality of questions.In recent past many candidates who have practiced our Test series have cleared the DGMS COAL/Metal First Class/Second Class & Coal India Management Trainee Exams. You can see REVIEW ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE- or see their feedback on our TESTIMONIAL PAGE.

We here at MinePortal offer you DGMS Coal/Metal First Class/Second Class exam test series, Coal India Management Trainee Exam Test series, GATE mining & Other Mining exams.